Symptoms and Treatment of a Banana Allergy


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In line with the Nationwide Institute of Environmental Well being Sciences, round 11 to 16% of the world inhabitants, together with kids, undergo from banana allergy.

Banana allergy merely means the shortcoming to tolerate bananas. The fruit, little doubt, is an effective supply of power, however generally is a problematic or relatively ‘harmful’ meals for many who are allergic to bananas. Allergy, as we all know, is an irregular immune response to substances which are truly not able to inflict hurt. Throughout an allergic response, the physique releases sure chemical substances, often called histamines to battle the allergen. These histamines set off a variety of allergy signs.

In case of bananas, proteins often called chitinase might set off an exaggerated immune response inflicting the next signs.


Runny nostril, watery eyes, and coughing are among the frequent signs related to banana allergy. Different signs are mentioned under.
✦ Itchy Sensation within the Mouth
Those that are allergic to bananas usually complain about an itchy mouth at any time when they eat this fruit. Usually, the itchy feeling is restricted to the roof of the mouth. Other than an itchy mouth, the particular person might expertise a burning sensation within the lips and a scratchy feeling within the throat.
✦ Digestion Issues
Consuming meals that you’re allergic to, can negatively have an effect on the digestive system. So after consuming bananas, there’s a chance of affected by belly ache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
✦ Pores and skin Issues
Consuming this allergy meals might result in the event of pores and skin issues like hives and eczema which are usually marked by the formation of itchy rash. The rash might both be widespread or localized confined to a particular a part of the physique.
✦ Swelling
The itchy sensation could also be accompanied by swelling of the lips, tongue, eyes, and even the throat. Swelling that will trigger bother in swallowing the meals is a trigger for concern and must be instantly dropped at the discovery of a certified physician.
✦ Anaphylaxis
It is an uncommon however life-threatening response usually marked by narrowing of airways. Anaphylaxis causes airway obstruction because of sudden tissue swelling, resulting in respiration issues. The particular person might expertise a sense of throat tightness or expertise a lump of their throat. The impaired air move can result in hoarseness (raspy or strained voice). Blood stress may additionally fall sharply, inflicting the affected person to lose consciousness. Fast pulse, dizziness, and lightheadedness are among the different signs of anaphylaxis. This extreme response that requires pressing medical consideration can occur in seconds after taking a chew of the banana.
✦ Latex and Banana Allergy
Individuals who have been identified with latex allergy are usually allergic to bananas. Latex is a rubber product generally used to make balloons, rubber bands, and gloves. Nonetheless, the proteins that naturally happen in latex intently resemble to proteins present in bananas and different plant meals like avocado, tomato, chestnut, kiwi, and papaya. Equally, individuals who react negatively to pollen or ragweed have a better probability of creating an allergy to bananas, watermelons, cantaloupe, and honeydew. This is named cross connectivity through which structural similarity in several types of proteins triggers an immune response with a variety of plant meals.


Pores and skin issues comparable to eczema ensuing from gentle allergic reactions could also be handled with antihistamine lotions or capsules. Whereas, adversarial reactions require quick medical intervention. Medical doctors usually recommend avoiding recipes that comprise bananas to handle this meals allergy. So, one might have a liking for banana chips or banana cake, however, these meals shouldn’t be consumed.

It’s mentioned that the cooking course of might destroys the proteins, thereby stopping any kind of allergic response. Nonetheless, one can not guarantee that cooked bananas, comparable to these noticed in merchandise like banana bread, gained’t trigger any allergy signs in the long term. So, one of the best ways to cope with banana allergy is to utterly keep away from this fruit.


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