Woman who nearly died for Severe Allergic Reaction to Hair Dye, Confess what happened and See for the Shocking Pictures of the Head


A woman claims that she almost died after an allergic reaction to a hair dye left her hard to breathe after her head doubled in size.

The teenager confirms to Le Parisien she’d waited just half an hour after the patch test before dying her hair. It’s recommended a person ready for a good 48-hours after conducting the initial patch test.

Estelle, 19, a student from Paris, shared the shocking result of the at-DIY hair dye online, which has the chemical PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) compound- can found in the beauty product.

She had purchased the dye at a local supermarket in the area of Val-de-Marne earlier this month and applied at home according to the packet’s instructions.

While she had followed the patch test as issued on the packet, she waited just 30 minutes rather than the recommended 48 hours. Almost immediately, Estelle noticed irritation on her scalp, which quickly began to swell and used antihistamines under medical advice.

But the following morning Estelle found that her condition had worsened with her head measuring 63cm, almost double the average 56cm. Estelle wants to know others to take precautions to avoid the same horrifying ordeal.

Speaking with Le Parisien, she explained:

I almost died; I don’t want something similar to happen to other people.

Her mother, Sygrid, also believes greater public awareness is needed regarding the dangers behind PPD:

Indeed, she didn’t follow the instructions word for word, but the warning has to be more precise. Le Parisien, the student, said: ‘I could not breathe, I had a light bulb head.’

It is needed for most shades of permanent colour, especially dark shades.

There is a strict limit on the concentration of PPD at a maximum of 2 per cent in any substance applied to the hair. The dye used by Julie McCabe had a 1 per cent strength.

There must also be clear warnings and usage instructions on all packaging.

PPD is often used illegally in black henna tattoos offered at tourist spots. The inquest heard Mrs McCabe reacted such a symbol on holiday in Dubai in 2007.


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